Fujifilm Provia 400X


I thought I would post some blog posts on film types - some nice people had sent me emails that they found them useful as they tried to select film. Today is another one - and a very special one - Fujifilm Provia 400X. It is a positive (slide) film and I think the only colour positive film still made at 400ASA. …

Boats and Things

F3 Provia400X006.jpg

Sorry for being away for a while. This time I was luxuriating (?) in a hospital in Tokyo while having some surgery. Once I got back I did some huge scanning and editing session and now have some photos to put up here on the blog.

Tokyo, in fact Japan, is a maritime place. Fishing has often given way to cargo ships and containers, but sometimes you can still come across communities connected to the water - even in Tokyo. …

Out with my Blad

V500 Portra160VC019.jpg

I love my Hasselblad 500CM. It maybe is not the coolest of cameras and it does use film. Mine is a little less than pristine, looking like it has been well used. I have a 50mm, 80mm and 150mm lens for it and 3 film backs, so I can choose the type and ISO of film to suit. It is simplicity itself. I use a very complex Sekonic spot meter to ensure I measure the light just right. …


M645 Ektar 002.jpg

Next to the Tokyo Tower, there is a large park called Shibakoen - with all kinds of interesting things in it. Shrines, temples, an actual park etc. I love one of the temples as it has former imperial graves and a special section devoted to young children who died. These are not sad, but joyful memorials for a life that never got to be what they could have been. …

Daienji Shrine

EOS1V E100VS 037.jpg

I know I have been a little quiet recently. Work has been getting a lot more busy, and an awful lot more stressful. Dragging a camera out on the weekends has been one of my means of relaxation, but then I need time to get the films processed, even more importantly, scanned. I will do a blog post on how I do all of that at some point, along with some posts on the gear I use. …

More from the Beast - Positive and Negative

Pentax67 Portra160VC 001.jpg

I am becoming addicted to the Pentax 67II. I seem to just work well with this camera and get around 6 out of every roll (that is 10 shots on a 120 roll) that I consider as “keepers”. That is high. The meter seems to be very accurate and I have yet to encounter an exposure problem - even with notoriously fickle positive film. …

The Beast - Pentax 67 II

Pentax67 Velvia50 001.jpg

I have always enjoyed medium format photography - starting with buying a Mamiya 645 system and getting addicted to the gigantic negatives and the amazing results that film of this size can give. Next stop was a Hasselblad 500CM ad the wonders of 6x6 negatives. I have had some very satisfying results with this camera, especially in black and white. …

Hong Kong Black & White


I lived for more than 20 years in Hong Kong. I really look upon it as my home - and somewhere I will probably return after my stint in Japan is over. It is a fabulously vibrant place and always changing. It has an energy to it unlike any other place I have been to - and being able to say that after going to New York is quite an achievement. …

Random Hasselbald


Apologies for the delay in the posting. I have had some health issues recently as well as a hell of a lot to do at work - the cameras have been going nowhere for a bit. More posts coming soon I assure you.

I really enjoy my medium format photography, and I have Hasselblad, Mamiya and Pentax systems for 6x6, 645 and 6x7 formats. …

Graffiti Alley


A couple of years ago, I had the chance to spend some time in the city that I grew up in - Melbourne in Australia. It has moved on a lot from the very British outpost with great weather that I knew as a kid - and has plied it’s own course. It is not a real melting pot of almost every nationality and ethnicity you can imagine calling it home. …

Streets of Meguro

Pentax67 PRO400N 009.jpg

I have been rather busy lately, as evidenced by my lack of update. Much of this has been work related, with me travelling more than 80,000 miles in a few weeks. On the photography front I have been moving my photo library of over 20,000 photos from Apple Aperture to Adobe Lightroom - more on that later - as well as learning how to use my new beast of a camera. …

Kodak Portra 400

V500 Portr 400VC 012.jpg

Just like the Portra 160, this used to be available in NC and VC versions. Now it is simply sold as a single version as Portra 400. It is a really nice film, especially for medium format work where the grain is lost in the size of the negative. Colours are gorgeous and you can shoot it at the box rating of 400 without the need to over expose at all. …

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